About me

My full name is Kaylan Rebecca Glenn.

I am sixteen years old, and my birthday is on the 4th of August.

I drive a 2002 Grand Prix

I have to admit that I am a Vikings and also a Minnesota Wild fan.

I like watching my dad play softball in the summer.I do like pop music, along with rock. But I really love country music.

I love to just hangout with my friends. I just enjoy making other people smile.

I have gone to four different schools, Winona, Jackson, Fulda, and now Westbrook.

My parents are Adam and Chrissy LeClaire. My siblings are Jocy, Jett, and Karsynn.

I do play some videogames on my XBOX360. (Call of Duty, Madden, and many others)

I love home-cooked meals.

The number one thing I enjoy is spending downtime with my family.


I enjoy hunting and fishing.
I also enjoy singing and dancing.




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