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About Me

My Name: Xai Xiong

My Nickname is K3nji

My age: 16 year old turning 17 on Dec. 21 2007 ^_^

Back to home

Born to Yang her and Cheng Xiong

I'm 3/4 hmong and 1/4 Chinese

I live in a small town.

I'm shy at school but at home I'm crazy like a kid.

I'm in to car and break dancing and also girls too ^_^

I Love to take picture of me and only me jk also be with my friends and families.

I'm a music lover.

MY goal for now is to get my permit and then later the driver licence, also to finish high school too. Go to college get a degree of some sort. make big money live a good life and so on......ect...

My Favo. Links are Youtube.com and Photobucket.com

Youtube is a site to go watch videos that people make.

Photobucket is a site where you could store photos of familys friends and more.


This would be me