This would be me and my girl friend.
About Me
My name is Blong Lor, I'm 15 years old. I am the only kid in my family. I live in Walnut Grove.



My one of my hobbie is breakdancing.


Breakdancing is what I like to do on my own time.

It fun to breakdance. I don't just breakdance for how cool it is.

I do it because that who i am.

I' Back To Home m a dancer, not that good but yeah it get better.

This would be me doing the move call wind mill.

I'm the not best or anything. I'm just a beginner so hope you enjoy.


My other hobbie is piano.

It's my other thing that I do when im alone.

It keeps me from being bored to death.

I don't know much songs to play.

I did learn some song, but not all of it.

This would me and my girlfriend agian, but in hmong cloth
Cannon in D


Jay Chou

this is a sad song...