Things I Do On My Free Time

Things I like to do on my free time are hang out with my cousins, Mitchell, Dylan, Jake, Cole, Danica, and Jessica. When I'm with my cousins we like to go fishing, four wheeling hunting and my favorite X-BOX 360. And i'm the only one in our family that doesnt have an X-BOX 360.



When i'm by myself and i have nothing to do I usually take the four wheeler to the lake and go fishing. When i'm alone fishing All i have to do when i'm alone is think. And its the only place a can be alone.


I love to play sports like football, basketball, and my all time favorite is POLE VAULTING. I may not be the best but i try hard.

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Things I Do On My Free Time

On My free time i like to play sports, hang out with my family, expecially my cousins Jake, Cole, Mitchell, Dylan, Danica and Jessica.

When i'm with my cousins we like to do alot of fishing and playing X-BOX 360, Call Of Duty 4, online. We also like to play basketball games, ride four wheeler, and a bunch of outdoor stuff.

When i'm at home with nothing to do, I like to take the four wheeler and go fishing. When i'm fishing I think about alot of things and its the only time i have to myself.

But out of everything I do, my favorite is POLE VAULTING!!Sergie Bubka- best pole vaulter in the world