Katelynn Kuehn






About Me

Full name: Katelynn Alice Kuehn

Age: 15

Grade: 9th

Music: I like rock n' roll, Rap, but mostly sad songss oh and especially ICP

Siblings: I have 2 brothers, Gene Kuehn and Kody. I also have 2 Sisters, Yevonne Altoff and Kira Edwards

My Friends: Aundrea Grau, Ashley, Christael Barber, Keith Koppes, Heather Risk, and Kirsten Lidtke

My Parents: Gene SR. and Cheryl Kuehn. They are devorcied.

My Favorite bands: Saliva and Alice Cooper

My Favorite Artist: Afroman and Werid Al

My Favorite Color(s): Black, blue purple and pink



Bands & Artists

My Chemical Romance


Alice Cooper