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I'm 16 year old. My name is Xai Lai Xiong or Roger. I have four sister and me. My sister are all merried. Only me left with my family. Now I have only me, dad and mom. My fravoted show is pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. I like this pokemon alots so I put it in here! Do you the name of the pokemon? Well I hope you do. Anyway the name is mew. My fravoted food is thai food, Chicken nugget, pizza, sea food and china food. I like to watch Kong Fu, because the have lots of move and fly (if you want to watch click here YouTube - 神雕俠侶 Return of the Condor Hero '06 Episode 2 Part 4.webarchive)









My Teacher

I have two teacher name Mrs. Austin and Mr. Austin. They are the nice teacher I have ever have. When I got good grade they take me to go watch T. V. and shoping.


My Friovetie movie is: