I like Inuyasha because it is full of action, comedy, and yeah, romance. I also like how the author puts the people in Inuyasha's group, because Inuyasha wants to become a full demon but wants to kill Naraku. Kagome, who wants to look for the Jewel Shards but wants to kill Naraku for Inuyasha's reasons. Miroku who wants to kill Naraku because he wants to get rid of the Wind Tunnel in his palm. And Sango, who wants to avenge her village, and Shippo, who wants to tag along since he has no where to go to. I like how they all shared the same desire but also are very different from each other: Inuyasha, a half-demon, Kagome, a girl from another time, Miroku, a monk, Sango, a demon slayer, and Shippo, a kid fox demon. I also like how the story is set up too, because the story started out small because it was just Inuyasha and Kagome, then the team gotten bigger by Shippo, Miroku, and Sango to join in.