This is My Business page

It's about The Oleson's Mercantile

This is up in A Small Town Called WALNUT GROVE!!!!!

I hope that you will come down and see it!!!

These are the things they sale - More then this though!!!

This business has:

Annaleece Jewerlry

Shoes / flip flops



Baby Clothes

Italian Charms

Others More !!!

There's alot of stuff here that will remind you of old times and the days of fun!!!

If you want to know more about this store there site is

If you what to call them or e-mail them and order something,

This is there phone #, address, and e-mail

620 Main Box 567 | Walnut Grove, MN 56180 | | (507)859-2600

Or If you what to know about the Oleson's Mercantile's site

I hope that you have fun looking up what you need to know about it!!!



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