About My Family!!!!!!

I have a mother and father live together!!!!

I have two brothers and three sisters plus my sister-in-law!!!!

Family Name!!!

Dad -Doua Vang

Mom -Chee Xiong

Brothers -David, Simon Vang


Sisters -Meela or Mimi khang sister-in-law

Melissa, Lilly, Athena Vang

My family!!! What we do together!!!

We love to playcards together!!!!

We all like to play games!!!

We all go shopping together!!!!

Sometime we just go any where we want!!!

My parents they dont care unless we come home!!!!

What they do for fun!!!!

My parents they do for fun is just to make all of us happy!!!

My brothers!!

David he love to play game all the time

Simon he like to hang out with us and his friends but mostly with his wife!!!! He protect us and but he like to fight poeple who dont watch there mouth!!!!!!

My sisters!!!

Meela she like to be with me brother and like to play games and others but mostly she goes everywhere my brother goes!!!

Melissa she like to draw and like to talk on phone but mostly she like going out and have fun with her homies and home-girls!!

Lilly she love to play around with her little sister but shes really messy!!!

Athena she loves to play with her sisters and have fun but really messy to!!!!

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