History of Breakdancing

When people see kids, teens, and young adults dance very acrobatically, they wonder "Where did they get this kind of style of dancing?" and "Who created this kind of dance?"

The person who introduced breakdancing is James Brown. He introduced it on one of his bigest hits "Get on the Good Foot". He performed his hit on live television, and kids around New York City started breakdancing.

After breakdancing was in style, people began having break battles, or jams. People would gather in big areas where there were a lot of people and dance.

Breakdance was called "Good Foot" in the early 70's. Then the name changed to "Breakdance". People also called it "B-Boying" or "B-Girling", but the name "Breakdacing" was used more.


The Untold History of B-Girls

Boys aren't the only ones who can breakdance. GIRLS CAN TOO! Girls started breakdancing when boys started breakdancing, which was the early 70's.

The first official B-Girl crew was Zulu Queens. These girls were style heads, which means they were working with styles in their footwork. They didn't like power moves.

Now, more and more girls are into breakdancing because they want to make a statement saying that boys aren't the only ones who could twist and lift their bodies, and style their footwork.