I am currently in speech, i write poems, lyrics and i write books none of which are published. I really like being in speech it's very rewarding. Speech can help you get over the fear of speaking in public and you meet allot of people. I am very glad that I went out for speech. My speech was by Ellen DeGeneres, Taken from her book "The Funny Thing Is... " Our Speech Coaches are Mrs.Enstad, and Ms.Kells

I am also in Choir, and Choralaires. It's very fun to sing. One of my favorite songs that we've sung is Proud Mary. My Choir Director is Mrs.Knott

I am also an activie member in FFA Dairy Food. Which I am quite good at, and like very much. Our FFA Coaches are Mr.Barron, Mrs.Carter, and Mr. Lee.

I also read alot. I finished Twlight in three days. I spend most of my free time reading books. These are titles of books i have read: Twight, Comanche Moon, Cry wolf, Jewel of Atlantis, Up Close and Dangerous. I've read more than that but those are some of my favorites. I have close to 100 books in my closet. Somei've already read through and others i have yet to read.