About ME


Name: Kayla Sandbeck

Age: 15


Parents: Angela Eide and Danny Sandbeck love

Siblings: Justin;12, Christine;8, Hunter; 7, Desire; 6, Seirra; 5, Colton; 4, Dakota; 3, and one is yet to be born.

Actives: Speech(Humorous), Choir

Hobbies: Read, Sew, Make Jewelry, Design Dresses, draw

Favorite Movies: Halloween, Saw, Date Movie, Epic Movie, The Notebook, Titanic, basically most horror,adventure, spoofs, and Romantic movies

Favorite Bands/Groups: Lady GaGa, Ludo, Secondhand Serenade, Avenged Sevenfold, Dainty Kane, Kelly Clarkson, I like rock, heavy metal, pop, rap, and a lot more