These pictures here is an Eygptian King (on the left) and a messenger of Eygpt (on the right). GUESS WHO IT IS?

It is me Benjamin Yang!!!

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This is a picture of neji in naruto

HAHAHAHAHA.. You didn't even guess that it was me huh??

I used Adobe Photoshop to customize it.

This is a picture of Nong Vang... I used Adobe Photoshop to customize the picture.

These are drawings of

Nong Vang

My work and progress

These are some of my drawings or photoshop editing. I had a lot more drawings in the past but I threw it away. I don't know why I had threw it away?


The best soccer player in the world!

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Quick Video on How to Draw a Lion

"Art brings joy to the world."

-Benjamin Yang

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”










































































Some more of my drawings























work in progreess