Something[s] about Me

My name Is Wong Vue.
I am currently 16 Years of Age.

-Food: Chinese FOOD!
-Songs: I like A LOT of Songs but I guess I could say that
Today My Life Begins by Bruno Mars is a great song :)

[I Have A lot Of Favorites]

Things I Do:
-I play the Guitar. I ‘ve been Playing the Guitar for a year now
[I cannot say that I am Great at it but I believe I am OKAY.]
-I Like to Listen to Music.

-I Am a GAMER. I Love to Play Games.
[Specifically Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.]
-I have a PS3 that I play. My PSN Name is Wong-Ding-Dong
-People make Fun of my Name but in the End I still Kick their Butt in
this Game.

[These are just Some Things I do]

That Should Be Enough Information On Me :)