My Family

In my house I live with my step-dad, Adam LeClaire and my mom, Chrissy Johnson. I have three siblings, Karsynn LeClaire, she was born on March 9th, 2012. My sister Kaylan is almost sixteen, and my brother Jett is almost ten. My extended family is so large there wouldn't be enough space to write all of their names. My mom is a cosmetologist in Currie, Minnesota. My step dad works at PGP in Dovray, Minnesota.

My real dad, Mike Glenn, and my step mom, Nicole Glenn, live in Burnsville, Minnesota. I hardly get to see them but I love them so much! My dad is a mechanic and Nicole is a psychologist.


My sister, my step mom, my brother, my dad, and me


My sister, my step dad, my brother, my mom and me












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My baby sister Karsynn and I