I arrived here in 01/11/2012 and i'm leaving after graduation ( i will move to New Jersey for 2 weeks and then i will go back to Brazil) , ,I went to many places here in the U.S.A ,my favorites are New York and Miami. I was in Basketball and Track , my favorites classes here are Spanish , Study hall , Computer applicaton and Gym .I am a Junior here.The temperature here and in Brazil is so different , it's cold here , the city here is very small and don't have much to do. I was in Florida for 10 days , in this time i went to Disneyworld , Sea world , Kennedy Space Center , Universal Studios , Miami , Miami beach , NBA game ( Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks) , this 10 days was AWESOME , and in the next week I went on the Senior class trip ( NY / Washington DC ) was good , NY is amazing , I want to go back one day in NY and Miami. I went in the prom ( click for see pictures) , was a fun day , i played paitball here one time was fun , the partys where its fun , i like to go in the track meets , it's fun , its awesome , i will miss the track meets , maybe in december I will back here in the U.S.A in Las Vegas , Los Angeles and Route 66