I play basketball during the school year and during the summer. I am good at shooting 3 pointers I like to play basketball cause im with my friends. The coaches are Mr. Jenniges and Mr. Merrick. I like the coaches and I hope we have a good year of winning games. My best memory was when we made plays for the foreiners to get points.



I play football at the begining of the school year. I have lots of positions like guard, tight end, tackle, d-end, punter, and runner. In football there is more people going out for football than baskeball and golf. We can get to know more people. My funnest memory was in 7th grade it was the last play at a scrimmage and they threw the ball and I intercepted it and got a touchdown.


I play golf at the end of the school year. I have played in jv and varsity since i was in 7th grade. My average score is about 48. There isnt alot of people out for golf but we make it work. My funnest memory was in Cottonwood when it started to hail when we were playing golf.