The Power Macintosh G3 series (commonly known as the "Blue and White G3", or sometimes just the "B&W G3" to distinguish it from the original Power Mac G3) was a series of personal computers by Apple as part of the Power Macintosh line.

It was introduced in January 1999, succeeding the "beige" Power Macintosh G3, with which it shared the name and processor but little else; it was discontinued in favor of the Power Mac G4 line in August of 1999..

The I/O "Heathrow" had been replaced adding 100 Mbit Ethernet and Firewire Were added. The fast IDE bus for the hard disks is an extra chip and provides up to 33 MB/s; this one causes a problem in the Rev 1 blue/white G3s.

Though still based on the PowerPC G3 architecture, the G3 B&W was a totally new design. It used a(n) enclosure with the logic board on the folding "door", which swung down onto the desk for easy access, a design that was used on all Power Mac G4 models but not the cube

The first Blue & White G3s shipped with Mac OS 8.5.1, while later revisions shipped with 8.6. The latest version of Mac OS that can be run Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, as Mac OS 10.5 Leopard has no support for G3 processors - although it is possible to run Leopard if the processor is upgraded to a G4 and several additional kexts are installed

I Have A G3 blue and white but it is dead :(