About Me

My name is on the home page and if you got to my home page you probably already know my name since you clicked on it to get to the home page.

This is me,

and this is how i I be.

If you don't accept me for me

then we don't need to be.

I can be random at times. I like music. Mispellin sum words rong for fun, And other fun things.


I like opposites as, but I also like things to be in order. I don't like telling people things about myself it drives me crazy but I will if I have to.
My personality: witty, redundant, sarcastic, redundant, happy most of the time, redundant, angry some of the time, oh and did i mention redundant
I have two older brothers, two dogs, a cat, and a crazy family. Just kidding about the crazy part. (Or am I?)