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Minnesota History

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Minnesota History 7A
Ms. Holt
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Class Description:
To examine the history of Minnesota, including its people, geography, biology and economy. Topics will include the Dakota Conflict, immigrants to the area, pioneers and traders/trappers, industry and natural resources.

Materials: -Northern Lights textbook.
-Additional texts will be used as primary sources.
-Videos and video clips about the people of Minnesota.
-Map work.
-Internet sources and newspaper.

Class Objectives:
Upon completion of this class, students will:
1. Know Minnesotas unique aspects that make it different from other states.
2. Learn how Minnesota has changed throughout history.
3. Have a large knowledge of how Minnesota has impacted the country.
4. Have a large knowledge of the resources of Minnesota.
5. Demonstrate knowledge Minnesotas social, economic, and political changes and cultural achievements through out history.

-Attendance is key!! A large part of your grade will be based on your attendance.
- Participation is key!! Not only do you have to be in class you have to be an active member participating in class discussion.
For everyday that your assignment is late you will lose 5 points off the total amount of points. It will be your responsibility to get your missing work from the makeup folder and any notes you missed.
-All assignments must be turned in before the chapter/unit test is taken. Nothing from the previous chapter will be accepted after the test.
-Preparation is key!! Come to class on time, have all the supplies that you will need for the day, and all homework and assignments done.

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Assignments/Class Activities/Participation
Quizzes and Tests

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