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Advanced Biology

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11, 12  
Biology and Chemistry or Physical Science
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Advance Biology is partly a review of Biology, but with all the finer details included. Students will cover many of the same topics as in Biology, but this time around they will cover the concepts in greater depth to gain a more comprehensive understanding. Topics of review include energy conversions in living organisms, heredity, cell structure and function, transcription and translation and natural selection. Topics that will be new to Advance Biology students include population genetics, Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium equations, biotechnology techniques, animal behavior and comparative vertebrate anatomy. As many of the concepts are review, students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding with project based assessments. For example, at the conclusion of cell organelles and function, students will create a cell parts order catalog. Upon completion of aerobic respiration, students will create a video project that compares another system to that of the mitochondria of the cell. It is a fast paced class, but most students find the projects to be enjoyable and challenging.

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19-20 Syllabus