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American Government

Course Number:
American History 9 & 10
Grad Standard(s):
US Citizenship & Economic Systems
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Text: United States Government: Our Democracy, McGraw Hill, 2016

Necessary Materials:
Notebook, notebook for current events, pens/pencils, highlighters, & a three ring binder, you will be putting class materials in this binder throughout the quarter

Course description:
This course will help students discover the fundamentals of the government on the national, state, and local levels. The course will also explore the three branches of government, and the development and role of political parties.

Course goals:
Understand the process involved in the creation of laws and public policy, and analyze the purposes in promoting the general welfare and provide order in the United States.
Understand the principles of the legislative, executive, and judicial branch, and how each helps of the U.S. government function effectively.
Realize that DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT! Our government needs the majority of people getting involved to make it work. This class will help you learn how to do your part.

Topics covered:
Unit 1: Foundations of government
Unit 2: The Constitution and Bill of Rights
Unit 3: Legislative Branch
Unit 4: Executive Branch
Unit 5: Judicial Branch
Unit 6: Understanding Elections and the Political Process

Classroom Behavior/Expectations:
1) RESPECT! This means respect yourself, classroom/school property, respect other classmates, respect the teacher and any other individuals in the room (substitute teachers, guest speakers, etc.)
2) Bring to class a pen/pencil, notebook, assignments, and not your cellular phone (unless told otherwise). I will confiscate it if I see you using it.
3) Raise your hand if you would like to speak, refrain from interrupting others.
4) You may eat and drink in class. If someone spills or it becomes distracting, the privilege will be provoked.
5) Participate in class discussions and take all notes during lectures and discussions.

Documents associated with the class: