American History 9
Course Number:
American Hisotry 08
Grad Standard(s):
Mn Standards
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Teacher: Mrs. Hendrickson

Class Goals:
For students to be aware of the people that have influenced the formation of the United States.
For students to understand that they need to know the past in order to understand the events of today.
For students to be aware of the people and events that led to the United States being an influence in world events
For students to understand the people and events that led from the formation of the country to the period of time studied.

Materials: Textbook-Presntice Hall: United States History 2010 , Films that cover the time period. CNN student news will be used to present current American and World topics. A variety of film clips from educational videos, periodicals, maps and internet resources will be used in the class room.

 All classroom work is to be completed on time.
 Students will keep a notebook throughout the class to use as a review tool.
 Tests should be taken in pencil and it is recommend notes be in pen.
 Name, class, section and date are to be on every paper turned in. ---Papers without names can not be graded.
 Students will be required to complete a major project for the class.

All students will complete a book report first quarter and a project second quarter

Class Rules:
1. Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on.
2. Ask permission to be out of your seat (example: sharpen pencil, throw away paper, tissue, etc.)
3. No hats or cell phones in the classroom.
4. No talking without permission
5. Have respect for others in the classroom and yourself.

Grading will be based on class participation, behavior, daily work, tests, quizzes, projects and any other assigned work. If you are absent you are expected to get the assignments and notes and turn in by an assigned date. All work will be given a due date and required to be turned in at that time. If absent on the due date you will be given one day for each day absent upon returning before the work is classified late. Assignments will be given ample time to complete. Major projects will be given some class time but students will be expected to do work out side of the class.

Grading Scale:
A 100-95%
A- 94-92%
B+ 91-89%
B 88-86%
B- 85-83%
C+ 82-80%
C 79-77%
C- 76-74%
D+ 73-71%
D 70-68%
D- 67-65% F 64 and below

Ch 12 The Reconstruction Era

Students will demonstrate the knowledge of the consequences of Civil War and Reconstruction

The Student will understand the origins of racial segregation.

Rival Plans of Lincoln, Johnson and Congress
Reconstruction as it developed in the south for both freedmen and whites
The end of Reconstruction

Ch 13 The triumph of industry

The student will describe and analyze the linked processes of industrialization and urbanization after 1870

The student will describe how industrialization changed nature of work and the origins and role of labor unions in the 1870s 1880s and 1890s

Technology and Industrial Growth
The rise of Big Business
The Organized labor movement

Ch 14 Immigration and Urbanization

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the causes and consequences of the immigration to the United States from 1870 to the first World War

The new immigrants
Cities expand and change
Social and cultural Trends

Ch 15 The south and west transformed

The student will analyze the process of Westward Expansion in the late 19th century.

The new south
Westward Expansion and the American Indians
Transforming the west

Ch 16 The issues of the gilded age

The Student will understand the origins of racial segregation.

The student will understand the changing dynamics of national politics in the late 19th Century.

Segregation and social tensions
Political and economic challenges
Farmers and populism

Ch 17 The Progressive Era

The student will analyze the wide range of reform efforts known as Progressivism between 1890 and the first World War.

The drive for reform
Women make progress
The struggle against discrimination
Roosevelts square deal
Wilsons New Freedom

Ch 18 An emerging world power
Ch 19 World War 1 and beyond

The student will understand the causes and consequences of American expansion and the Spanish-American War.

The student will understand the causes and consequences of World War I.

The roots of imperialism
The Spanish-American War
The United States and East Asia
The United States and Latin America
From Neutrality to war
The home front
Wilson, War and Peace
Effects of the War

Ch 20 The Twenties

The student will understand how the United States changed politically, culturally, and economically from the end of World War I to the eve of the Great Depression.

A booming economy
The business of government
Social and cultural tensions
A new mass culture
A Harlem Renaissance

Ch 21 The Great Depression
Ch 22 the new Deal

The student will understand the origins and impact of Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1940.

Causes of the depression
Americans Face hard Times
Hoovers Response fails
FDR offers relief and recovery
The second New Deal
Effect of the New Deal
Culture of the 1930s

Documents associated with the class:

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