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Art 7

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elementary art
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7th Grade Art
7th grade art Quarter 1, Block 5-6
Tina Anderson Richards

Classroom guidelines:
 You are an artist
 Respect the work of others
 Be proud of what you do
 Put tools away
 Clean up after you, I dont like to
 No gum chewing, sometimes pop, drink water, hats ?
 Dont steal! It is a pain we when we dont have the right tools to work with.
 Come prepared-pencil, and art topics book and an open mind.
 Best policy is to do unto others, as you would have them do to you. Be kind and respectful.

Cell phones: If they are used or seen the phone can be taken away and a parent and the student have to pick it up in the office
Do not call a parent or have a parent call you- if contact is needed use the office!! Does a hair cut qualify-no?

Tardies and missing class: Students you are expected to show up for class. Do not have a problem with this. Each day a student has the ability to receive 4 points, their behavior and their work time determines how much they may loose in a day. The hard part is school-sponsored event. The
Student must talk to me to make up the time missed if it is not competed the student will loose 1 participation point for that day. My classs is very hands on and I do group work and individual work.

Clothing: You need to follow the dress code; I will try to correct any distracting clothes.

The student maybe sent to the office and home for a change of clothes. Boys I dont want or need to see your underwear and boxers are underwear. Girls your bra straps are undergarments keep them covered. I dont want to see cleavage- it is too distracting along with very short shorts. Shirts with improper language and logos will be turned inside out or exchanged. This is a school not everyday clothes.

Improper language: I have a 3 strike policy- 3 bad words in a class time and the student will receive 1 hour of detention. Many students use a language out of school that is not right or appropriate for school.

Points per day: 4 points per day-discussed in missing class. Each student walks into the classroom with 4 points, their behavior and work habits can take points away they will always keep 1 point for being in the room bodily.

Please keep a water bottle with you. You need the water more then the pop.

Grade cutoffs
A+ ---- 98
A ---- 95
A- --- 92
B+ --- 89
B ---- 86
B- ---- 83
C+ ----80
C -----77
C- ----74
D+ ----71
D -----68
F ------65
You are not allowed any 0s in the grade book. Only exception is if the assignment is a walk in the door work done. Then you will receive a 0 and not be able to make it up.

The 7th grade art program has been designed to fit in with the Minnesota standard for 6-8th grade art education.

You will be studying Art from cave art (15,000 B.C.) to the Renaissance (1500) period.
Included: Egyptian, Minoan, Greek, Roman, Chinese Byzantine, Mayan, Romanesque, Gothic (this is mostly cathedrals)
These studies will lead you through work with pencils, painting, mosaics, clay, color pencils, oil pastels, paper, college, printmaking and sculpture.

You will study the elements and principles of art:
Elements: Line, color, shape, space, form, pattern, and value
Principles: texture, movement, rhythm, unity, contrast, balance, and repetition

Students will make their own drawing book. It is designed for your work. Dont loose this book it will hold your assignments and notes.

There will be homework assigned and tests.

You will be studying these things. The question is what will you take away from the class?
 More confidence in your work?
 Work habits?
 An understanding of how art and history affect each other?
 An ability to articulate about your work?
 Problem solving?
 Finishing what you started?
 Knowing your classmates better?
 Becoming a more caring person?

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