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Course Number:
11, 12  
1 prior science course
Grad Standard(s):
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Teacher -- Mr. Patrick Merrick
Room -- 120
length -- 1 credit
textbook -- Discovering the Universe Freeman publishing

Few things inspire people as much as a star-filled night sky. Humbling questions about our beginnings, our purpose and our fate race across our minds as we literally glance at infinity. This course provides the learner with the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the very structure of nature itself. As this knowledge is gained, the learner will increase their appreciation of the sky and all the treasures to be found there. Once this appreciation is instilled, the learner will be able to continue a lifelong journey through the heavens.
Astronomy is broken down into sections as we begin our journey. The first visit is to planet Earth and the tools of astronomy. As we venture outward, the solar system will be studied. After that, the stars and their properties will then be studied. Finally, we will look at interstellar travel, both ours and others (?). Not only is this information interesting in life, but it also will prepare you for the role as voters in decided if money and resources should be spent in the name of Astronomy. Finally, it impresses friends and dates to no end. Trust me.

1. The learner will be able to understand and use the scientific method in solving problems.
2. The learner will be able to see the connections between the earth and the other planets.
3. The learner will be able to understand the basics of stellar evolution.
4. The learner will be able to understand and the interaction of forces and their play in the construction of the universe.
6. The learner will be able to find and identify constellations.
7. The learner will be secure and mature enough to suggest and follow through with any other idea that is of interest.

1. attendance and participation -- Because of the school, students are required to attend class. Because of the teacher, students are required to participate in class. A/P will be graded each day by the following means: Attendance means being in your seat with the appropriate materials and staying in the class all period. Participation means having your work completed and paying attention; in other words attitude.
2. Assignments and Projects -- This class will try and evolve into a project and discussion orientated class. (This means the more you talk the less I do.) Most sections will contain a project of some degree that will measure your mastery of the material. Assignment and projects will have timelines and due dates to follow for full credit.

3. Tests and quizzes-- they will be there, good luck?!

4. Grading -- all assignments and tests are graded on a point basis. Points are totaled at the end of each quarter to determine final grades. Grades are calculated on the following percentages:
91 - 100 % = A 82 - 90% = B
73- 81 % = C 64- 72% = D

1. books when books are given out, go over them carefully.
The books will be used as a resource and should be used as a guide in following the course, I expect them back in almost the same condition as they are now

2. Labs- We will be trying to do projects throughout the year. These are meant to supplement the discussion. They are not a rest time.

3. needs You will need a notebook, writing utensil (no red or pink ), a calculator, and a folder for handouts, labs, etc. These things plus your book should be brought every day.

4. Homework - is due on the date assigned. It is worth full points if handed in when asked for. It is worth a maximum of 75% if handed in before the next time we meet. It is worth 50% on the second day, and 0% after that. You will be expected to have everything necessary with you. You will not be allowed to go to your locker during class. I give out assignments because I feel that the information covered is valuable. Therefore, if you have 2 or more missing grades you will receive a failing grade for that grading mid term.

5. No hats or food is allowed in class unless a special situation arises.

6. The goal of this class is also to reinforce effort and responsibility. To this end, If an assignment or lab is turned in on time and at a perdetermined minimal level, it will be handed back for your corrections. If an assignment is a learning tool, then the first time the assignment is turned in should not be the last time you look at it. These corrections will be graded and can be recorrected again and again. It is my hope that we will keep working on the assignment until the concept is mastered.

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