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Clothing 1

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Know how to sew.
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Flannel boxers, sweatshirts and sweatpants are a few of the items you can make in this class. Previous sewing skills are preferred. This class will teach you the basics of sewing and the use of a serger. A minimum of two projects will be completed. The projects are on an individual basis according to your skills.

1. The student will demonstrate the appropriate use of equipment and safety procedures.
2. The student will know and use technical vocabulary while interpreting charts and drawings found on the pattern.
3. The student will prepare the fabric for the project.
4. The student will demonstrate the ability to read and interpret a set of graphics while completing a fabric construction project.
5. The student will demonstrate and use basic sewing techniques while constructing their project.

CLOTHING I: Textbook - Clothing, Fashion, Fabrics & Construction by Weber

We will cover the following in this textbook:

Sewing and Serging Handbook Section
Lesson 1  Selecting a Pattern
Lesson 2  Selecting Fabric
Lesson 3  Selecting Notions
Lesson 4  Using a Sewing Machine
Lesson 5  Using a Serger
Lesson 6  Identifying Sewing Equipment
Lesson 7  Understanding Patterns
Lesson 8  Adjusting a Pattern
Lesson 9  Preparing Fabric
Lesson 10  Laying Out a Pattern
Lesson 11  Cutting and Marking Fabric
Lesson 12  Stitching by Machine
Lesson 13  Stitching by Hand
Lesson 14  Pressing Fabric
Lesson 17  Sewing Plain Seams
Lesson 22  Putting in Hems
Lesson 23  Checking Fit

A 95-100 B- 83-85 D+ 71-73
A- 92-94 C+ 80-82 D 68-70
B+ 89-91 C 77-79 D- 65-67
B 86-88 C- 74-76 F 64 and below

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