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Clothing 2

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must know how to sew
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This course is designed for the more advanced student interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in fashion and textiles. Students will explore natural and man-made fibers and continue to develop their sewing skills. Sewing techniques and skills are refined through the construction of at least two garments. More challenging patterns are selected for construction and specific details are required to be included in the garments. Students will pick their projects to be constructed.


1. The student will investigate textile and fabric construction.
2. The student will know and use technical vocabulary while interpreting charts and drawings found on patterns.
3. The student will demonstrate appropriate use of equipment and safety procedures.
4. The student will demonstrate the ability to read, interpret, and follow step-by-step procedures on a more advanced pattern or fabric while completing a fabric construction project.
5. The student will use a technical manual to apply information from technical reading to operate, maintain, or repair a sewing machine or serger.

CLOTHING II: Textbook  Clothing, Fashion, Fabrics & Construction by Weber

We will cover the following chapters in this textbook:

Chapter 11  Textile Fibers
Chapter 12  Fabric Construction
Chapter 13  Fabric Finishes
Sewing and Serging Handbook Section
**The following will be covered for those patterns that include the following:
Lesson 8  Adjusting a Pattern
Lesson 15  Making Darts
Lesson 16  Gathering and Easing Fabric
Lesson 18  Applying Facings
Lesson 19  Making Casings
Lesson 20  Applying Fasteners
Lesson 21  Putting in Zippers
Lesson 24  Sewing Special Seams
Lesson 25  Making Tucks and Pleats
Lesson 26  Applying Interfacings
Lesson 27  Putting in Linings
Lesson 28  Sewing Collars
Lesson 29  Sewing Sleeves
Lesson 30  Sewing Cuffs
Lesson 31  Sewing Pockets
Lesson 32  Finishing Waistlines
Lesson 33  Applying Bias Bindings
Lesson 34  Adding Ruffles
Lesson 35  Adding Trims
A 95-100 B- 83-85 D+ 71-73
A- 92-94 C+ 80-82 D 68-70
B+ 89-91 C 77-79 D- 65-67
B 86-88 C- 74-76 F 64 and below

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