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Family Living

Course Number:
10, 11, 12  
elective, partially fulfills Senior Social Studies
consent of principal if on telemedia
Grad Standard(s):
Personal/Family Resource Management
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Discover the most important person in the world - you. Learn to communicate with others. Discussion is the key to this class. Topics discussed are types of families, communication, problem-solving, love and marriage.

1. The students will understand the importance of families in todays society.
2. The student will recognize the different types of families.
3. The student will learn the decision-making process.
4. The student will learn how to improve communication and resolve conflict.
5. The student will learn about Family Living careers.

FAMILY LIVING - Textbook  Families Today by Connie R. Sasse

We will cover the following chapters in this textbook:

Chapter 1  Families, Society and You
Chapter 2  Families Make A Difference
Chapter 3  Family Characteristics
Chapter 4  Families In A Changing World
Chapter 5  Roles and Relationships
Chapter 6  Improving Communication
Chapter 7  Resolving Conflicts
Chapter 8  Building Family Relationships
Chapter 11  Balancing Work and Family Life
Chapter 12  The Challenge of Change
Chapter 13  Divorce and Remarriage
Chapter 14  Handling Crises
Chapter 19  Understanding Love
Chapter 20  Understanding Sexuality
Chapter 29  Thinking About a Career
Chapter 30  Selecting A Partner
Chapter 31  Choosing Marriage
Chapter 32  Building A Strong Marriage
Chapter 33  The Parenting Question

A 95-100 B- 83-85 D+ 71-73
A- 92-94 C+ 80-82 D 68-70
B+ 89-91 C 77-79 D- 65-67
B 86-88 C- 74-76 F 64 and below

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