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Foods 2

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Foods I
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This course will include equipment demonstrations, popular foods and diets, recipe card project, preparation of hors doeuvres, soups, sauces, casseroles, wild game, garnishing, cake decorating and various specialty foods. Careers in the food industry are also discussed.

1. The student will explore career opportunities in the food industry.
2. The student will understand and practice kitchen and food safety.
6. The student will be able to read, understand and prepare a recipe.
7. The student will be able to work cooperatively in a kitchen group.
5. The student will demonstrate the proper use of kitchen equipment.
6. The student will research popular foods and diets.
7. The student will prepare a recipe card box and fill it with a variety of recipes.

FOODS II  Textbook: Guide to Good Food

Chapters covered in this book:

Chapter 6  Career Opportunities
Chapter 20  Salads, Casseroles, and Soups
Chapter 24  Parties, Picnics, and Dining Out
Chapter 25  Preserving Foods

Other items covered that are not in the book:

Equipment Demonstration
Popular Foods and Diets
Recipe Card Project
Hors doeuvres
Wild Game
Cake Decorating

A 95-100 B- 83-85 D+ 71-73
A- 92-94 C+ 80-82 D 68-70
B+ 89-91 C 77-79 D- 65-67
B 86-88 C- 74-76 F 64 and below

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