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Interior Design

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10, 11, 12  
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Each of you will soon be establishing your own homes. Find out how to furnish & maintain your living space. We will study furniture arrangement, lighting, color schemes, floor and wall covering, wall arrangements, etc.

Textbook  Housing Decisions by Evelyn Lewis & Carolyn Turner
We will cover the following chapters in this textbook:
Chapter 4  Choosing A Place To Live (briefly)
Chapter 6  The Evolution of Exteriors (briefly)
Chapter 7  Understanding House Plans
Chapter 10  The Elements of Design
Chapter 11  Using Color Effectively
Chapter 12  Using the Principles of Design
Chapter 14  Creating Interior Backgrounds
Chapter 15  Furniture Styles and Construction (briefly)
Chapter 16  Arranging and Selecting Furniture
Chapter 17  Addressing Windows, Lighting and Accessories
Chapter 21  Maintaining Your Home
Chapter 22  Housing for Tomorrow
Chapter 23  Careers in Housing

Please bring notebook, pen or pencil, folder and textbook to class each day. You may keep classroom supplies in the drawers under the windows if you wish. Food and beverages (except water) are not allowed in class at any time (that includes suckers and candy). You may chew gum, but only if you can chew it quietly and no bubble blowing. Sit only on chairs, not on tables or counters. Chairs may not be used as foot rests and heads should not rest on the tables. If you are late for class, you must have a late pass from the office. Late assignments will be graded according to how late they are. If you miss class, you will be given 1 day to make up the work. Please come to this class prepared to work!!

Daily Grading: Attendance and participation. 3 points per day.

Grading Scale
A 95-100 C- 74-76
A- 92-94 D+ 71-73
B+ 89-91 D 68-70
B 86-88 D- 65-67
B- 83-85 F 64 & below
C+ 80-82
C 77-79

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