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partially fulfills vocational requirements
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Technical Applications
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This course includes foods and nutrition and sewing. Foods and nutrition will include preparation of quick breads, yeast breads and a dessert lab. Students will construct a Quillow (quilt-pillow).

Topics of Study

Sewing Basics & Sewing Project

Nutrition (if time allows)

Classroom Procedures
1. Be on time to class; if you are late bring a pass from the office.
2. Bring all items with you to class. Book, notebook, pen or pencil.
3. No food or pop in the classroom (you may have water); this also includes candy. On days that there are food labs you may bring something other than water to drink.
4. Sit on chairs not the tables or counters. Chairs are not to be used as footrests and heads should not rest on the table.
5. Follow directions and do your own work.
6. Your attention is expected when the teacher is talking or a classmate is speaking.
7. Raise your hand to speak in class.
8. If you know you are going to be absent, take care of your work ahead of time. YOU are responsible for getting the makeup work. You will be given 1 day to make up work.
9. All assignments are due at the beginning of the hour unless you are told differently.
10. Late assignments will be docked 10% each day they are late.

Daily Grading: Attendance and Participation. 3 points per day.

A 95-100 B- 83-85 D+ 71-73
A- 92-94 C+ 80-82 D 68-70
B+ 89-91 C 77-79 D- 65-67
B 86-88 C- 74-76 F 64 and below

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