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Natural Resource Management

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10, 11, 12  
Outdoor life
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Natural Resource Management,
Q 4 Period 3

This course is designed to give the students an understanding of Soil and Water Management, Surveying and Land Measurement, Natural Resource Management and Agriculture Building and Structures. This would be offered opposite of Outdoor Life and would focus on implementation and expansion in that course. This would be a multi year program with the first year focusing on determination of areas of need. Areas of interest are the North East corner of the Tech campus and the East side of the Family and Consumer Science room.

Phase One: Determine the areas of need and what can be done to solve the problem. Then surveying the land to determine the amount of space that is available and the amount of material needed. Next is to decide what the students can do as a class using pavers, modular block, and or timbers. Through this the students would get a hands on approach to surveying, commercial enterprises, design, soil characteristics, tool use and identification, drawing skills, and communication. This course is designed as a 4th Quarter class project because it requires the students to be outside without the hindrance of snow.

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