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9, 10, 11, 12  
Art Design
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Literature & Arts Create/Perform, History of the Arts & Literature & Arts Analysis & Interpretatio
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Explores photography as an art form using cameras and darkroom. Grade A, B, C,D, or fail. The students will learn the elements and principles of art. This is to help them frame and produce the best photos they can. As technology has changed i have moved to all digital work for the students. They use the photoshop program to work on their photos. This allows for the teaching of photoshop techniques.

Snapshot vs. Photograph for Art

Photography Quarter 1 2010-2011
Tina Anderson Richards

Classroom guidelines: You are an artist!
Respect the work of others
Be proud of what you do
Put tools away
Clean up after yourself, I dont like to
Dont steal!
Return cameras in a timely manner
No gum, food or drink in the lab

Students: You must have a 3-ring notebook; the notebook will be graded at the end of the quarter. I have the paper and most other supplies you will need. This is an expensive class so the school is asking for a 10-dollar fee from you.

If you have a license and vehicle you will be allowed to drive at certain times. Those who dont have this will be passengers. I need a note from home that says you are allowed to drive or ride during photography class only.

Photography is an art form that at its earliest developed around 500 AD in China with the camera obscure. Black and white photography hit a more usable form in the 1880s.

This is an all-digital photography class.

What I am looking for in good photographs- elements and principles of art.

1. To create an environment where students have an opportunity to explore the area of photography.
2. Work with expensive and less expensive cameras.
3. Create and learn new tools in Photoshop.
4. Explore professional photography.

Paper on an Artist you like
- First a small 1 page paper to include an image of the artists work and a paragraph on why you like this work, due the 3rd week of the quarter. I will give you a research sheet to fill out.

- Use creative language. The paper will have a title page, body include a work of each artist, a critical analysis of the work and a closing and a reference page. A total of 5 pages. You can do this from Internet sources. (at least 2 sources)
The paper should include 2 images of the artists work; do not use full-page photos. Title page has 4 lines, 1.class name, and 2. Name of artist being studied, 3. Date, 4. Your name, this is centered on the first page. Again the body of the paper 3 pages will contain a life story of the artist, their work and a critical analysis of why you like their work. Page 5 is your reference page; you must have 2 or more references. Good web site to start on is (masters-of-photography.com) this site has photos, articles and a bibliography. This is due the week after midterms


Any cooperative work? We will think about, is their a class you want to work with in photography such as a particular grade, or a history class or come sort of building or mechanics class.

You will learn to cut mats for any type of picture and do one for yourself.

Can you do this on your own? If I was not in the room or you had a sub can you do the work? I need each one of you to be able to.

We will do individual and or group critiques as we go along.

Elements of Art:
1. Line
2. Shape:
3. Texture:
4. Space:
5. Value:
6. Color
7. Form:

Principles of art;

1.Rhythm / Repetition
4. Emphasis
5. Contrast
6: Pattern
7. Unity:

Assignments: these will be in handouts
 Still life
 Close up
 Exploring Photoshop

Photo 2 students
Assignment1: Do first photo assignment with class


Students are expected to show up for class and use their time wisely. Therefore 20 percent of their grade is attendance. 2 points for each day, 1 point for attendance and 1 point for participation. Students are not penalized for attendance on school sponsored trips, they will loose a participation point, this point can be made up(talk to me).

Grade cutoffs
A+ ---- 98
A ---- 95
A- --- 92
B+ --- 89
B ---- 86
B- ---- 83
C+ ----80
C -----77
C- ----74
D+ ----71
D -----68
F ------65

The student will be allowed 2 0s in the grade book. 1 week late is an F.

NOTES and other things:

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