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Course Number:
9, 10, 11, 12  
Grad Standard(s):
Literature & Arts Create/Perform & History of the Arts
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Students will explore a variety of print making technique including lino,serigraph, intaglio prints, screenprinting. Students will also study the works of great printmakers. The students will work in the media of relief printing ,intaglio. Printing is a means of making hand made multiples of an orginal image. the final fro each print will be graded on the image, carving techniques, and the run of an edition.

Tina Anderson Richards
Westbrook Walnut Grove Schools
Quarter 1, 2010-2011

Classroom guidelines:
 You are an artist
 Please do not steal from classroom
 Use tools and put them away
 Clean tools of ink and put them in their place
 When I am talking, you need to listen and take notes
 It will be help full to know elements and principles of art. Mostly line, contract and value.
 No gum chewing.

No cell phone use. See classroom rules.
Wear appropriate school clothing. See school handbook.
Come prepared for class. Like a pencil and tools and plates you may have taken home.

1. To explore the world of printmaking.
2. Learn the types of printmaking.
3. Create a body of successful prints.
4. Find some success as a printmaker.
5. Use problem-solving skills.
6. Be critical about your work and to write about your work.
7. Know how to display a print.

What is Printmaking; notes from teacher to students.

Types of prints:
1. Relief

2. Intaglio

3. Plano graphic

4. Silkscreen

View of prints from other students as examples fro each unit

Power points- elements
- Prints to view
- Elizabeth Catlett
- Rembrandt
- Modern print artist
- How their paper will look
- Others


Staple together a book to use for notes.

1. Mono print  faces from potato _________10 points
Animal from vegetables __________20 points
2. 4-x6 print of a flower. Because this is fall I could have them work from nature.

 Cut out 4 flowers from the magazines; glue them in your book.
 Trace your soft 4x6 inch block 2 times in your notebook.
 Draw two of the 4 flowers on to the traced 2 rectangles
 Now choose the best one
 Turn the paper over on the block and rub the back until the images has transferred.
 Redraw the image as needed so you can see what you have.
 After demonstration the student will begin carving.
 The student will create artist proof as they go along.
 When a final is ready an edition of 6 prints will be pulled. The prints are to be as alike as possible and printed with black ink on white paper, traditional print technique.
 Assessment- __________20 points choice of print
__________10 points knowledge of transfer and carving
___________20 points carving discipline
__________30 points final edition quality and artist quality
__________80 total points

3. 9 x 12 print on class, oppression and other issues related.

***** The students will a portrait drawing, 8 x 10, chosen from the box, after using pencil, they will need to use a fine tipped marker to show complete black and white.
******Assessment ________40 points, looking for drawing skills and contrast.

 The students will view a power point of the life and work of Elizabeth Catlett.
 The teacher will read the book  Lift every voice and sing  the words to the song are used with the prints of Elizabeth Catlett.
 The book and prints are a starting point for discussion on social issues; this discussion is to lead the student into thought on a print they can create.
 Narrow down ideas to one that the can they can print.
 Trace the block.
 Do the drawing for the print, transfer the drawing to the block, carve, proof and have a final ready to print.
 Print an edition of 8 prints that are as exactly alike as possible.
 Assessment- _____________20 points choice of print
_____________20 points carving discipline
_____________20 points quality of print
_____________40 points quality of the edition and artist quality and merit.
_____________100 total points

4. 6 x6 inch print
 The students will use the childrens book section of the library. They will choose a childrens book that a print can be created from.
 From the library choose at least 2 children books you could create a print from.
 Make a critical decision of which book and image from that book. Okay it with the teacher.
 Trace the block twice. Draw the image and color it in with color pencils, now draw the image you are going to create the print of.
 Transfer and carve your block.
 Print an edition in color this time with an edition of 6 prints.
 Assessment- ___________20 points choice of print and rendering of drawing
___________10 points for discipline
___________10 points for carving quality
___________20 points for quality of the edition and artist quality
___________60 points total

6. The students will move to a harder lino block to carve into, it will be a smaller battleship block.
 The students will first view animal prints and animal pictures to see possibilities.
 Review animal possibilities
 Trace their block, draw at least 2 different animals, and on the traced block choose one.
 Transfer drawing, carve and print an edition of 10. Print this time on colored paper.
 Assessment - ___________20 points for choice of animal and drawing
___________20 points for discipline in work, not shortchanging your work because of the difficult material.
___________30 points for the edition, this is a larger edition to print. Artist quality of the print.
___________70 points total

7. The students will carve in a block of wood. Wood has a grain they now have to work with.
 The teacher will instruct in the two types of woodcarving, endgrain and grain, we will look at woods and what is possible.
 The goal will be to carve an 8-x10 wood block. The print needs to be an outdoor image; this can be rural or urban. It will be hand colored, each the same way, by the student. Coloring can be with colored pencils or watercolors. Edition of 5.

 As cement - _________ 20 points for the choice of print possible in wood block carving.
_________ 20 points for carving discipline and control of the material.
__________ 20 points for quality of the block
__________20 points for the quality of the whole colored edition and artist quality of the print.
__________80 points total

8. The students will work in the area of silkscreen.
9. The student will create an intaglio print on plastic with an edition of 4 prints.
10. We move into silkscreen given the time or intaglio. Lessons will come as the projects do.

11. Grading:

a. Students are expected to show up for class and use their time wisely. Therefore 20 percent of their grade is attendance. 2 points for each day, 1 point for attendance and 1 point for participation. Students are not penalized for attendance on school sponsored trips, they will loose a particapation point, which can be made up (you must talk to me about how to do this).

Grade cutoffs
A+ ---- 98
A ---- 95
A- --- 92
B+ --- 89
B ---- 86
B- ---- 83
C+ ----80
C -----77
C- ----74
D+ ----71
D -----68
F ------65

The student is allowed 2 0s in the grade book. 1 week late is an F.

Documents associated with the class: