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Reading 7A

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Reading 7A
Quarter 3, 2012-2013

Ms. Stevenson
Tech Building

Learning Objectives: By the end of the course, students will
Identify elements of stories.
Distinguish between types and styles of writing.
Use effective pre-, during and post-reading strategies.
Make inferences based on information provided.

Course Materials: Literature and Language, The Brooklyn Nine by Alan Gratz, notebook, folder and writing utensils - You must bring all materials and an IR book with you on a daily basis! If you do not have these materials, you will lose participation points.

Grading: Grades in this class will daily work, tests, and a project based on the novel. In addition, you may earn up to 10 points per week for attendance and participation. If you are absent, see me before or after class for missed work and to discuss any changes in due dates. You will receive one extra day per day absent to complete most assignments.

Progress reports will reflect missing assignments and overall grade. You will be placed on the ineligible list if your grade falls below a D- or if you are passing but missing a large assignment. Any student with more than five missing assignments of any size will automatically fail until assignments are complete!
95-100% A
93-94 A-
91-92 B+
86-90 B
84-85 B-
82-83 C+
77-81 C
75-76 C-
73-74 D+
67-72 D
65-66 D-
0-64 F

Raise your hand to speak unless I specifically say otherwise.
Ask permission to leave your seat.
Do not wear hats or use cell phones.
Please do not eat or drink in this classroom.
I will not tolerate plagiarism under any circumstances. Be Honest! Any work found to be plagiarized or copied will receive a zero.

Tips for Success:
Attendance and participation are just as important as homework - be on time and participate positively
We will have silent reading time every Tuesday and Thursday. Please bring your book to class and read silently.
Complete work on time. Late assignments lose 20% of their total points on the first day late and 40% after that.
Pass assignments to the front to turn them in. Anything completed after this time may go directly into the turn-in basket.
Use the weekly calendar as a guide for activities and assignments.

Semester Overview:
Unit 1: Reading Skills
Elements of Fiction
Types and Styles of Writing

Unit 2: The Brooklyn Nine
Apply skills from Unit 1
Pre-, During- and Post-Reading Strategies

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