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Social Studies 7

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Grad Standard(s):
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MN Social Studies Standards for Grade 7 summary and class goals:

Necessary Materials:
Notebook, pens/pencils, highlighters, & a binder/folder, handouts
Text: Discovering our Past: A history of the United States, McGraw Hill, 2016

Welcome to 7th Grade American History! American History is designed to examine American History from the 1789 to present. Emphasis will be put on relating past historical facts with present day occurrences. Citizenship and government will be further enhanced with economic and geographic content that round out the study of United States History. Students will learn about people issues, and events of our nations history including events and their lasting impact on the American people, economy, and government structure.

Classroom Behavior/Expectations:
1) RESPECT! This means respect yourself, classroom/school property, respect other classmates, respect the teacher and any other individuals in the room (substitute teachers, guest speakers, etc.)
2) Bring to class a pen/pencil, notebook, assignments, and not your cellular phone (unless told otherwise). I will confiscate it if I see you using it.
3) Raise your hand if you would like to speak, refrain from interrupting others.
4) You may eat and drink in class. If someone spills or it becomes distracting, the privilege will be provoked.
5) Participate in class discussions and take all notes during lectures and discussions.

Documents associated with the class:

Social 7 Syllabus

Blank Vocabulary Study Guide
Current Events Form