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Course Number:
elective, partially fulfills Senior Social
World History
Grad Standard(s):
Issue Analysis & Institutions and Traditions
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Necessary Materials:
Notebook, notebook for current events, pens/pencils, highlighters, & a three ring binder, you will be putting class materials in this binder throughout the quarter
Various texts will be used from book excerpts, articles and videos.

Course description:
How does society influence who you marry? How can deviance be explained as a normal part of society? Why do some families remain poor? Why do some students engage in binge drinking? We tend to look at personal issues from a purely individualistic perspective. This course will hopefully challenge you to think about yourself and your social environment in new waysfrom a sociological perspective. Sociology is a fascinating field. It enables us to understand the connection between the individual and society, to show how the most private elements in our lives affect and are affected by larger social phenomena such as cultures, groups, organizations, and social institutions.

Course objectives:
We will discuss many topics this quarter, and in each topic the major objectives are to have students:
Use a sociological imagination to examine and assess the relationship between the individual and society
Explain the way in which society and social processes shape our lives
Describe the major sociological theories and concepts and apply them to their everyday lives
Develop an appreciation for the impact of race, class, and gender upon social life
Practice inquiry by asking questions about and reflecting upon course readings
Do Sociology!

Topics covered:
History of sociology, sociological imagination, research strategies, socialization, culture, deviance and social control, social stratification, gender roles/stereotypes, social change and collective behavior

This class will be taught like a college course. There will be independent reading, discussion and writing. It is imperative that students stay on top of assigned readings and assignments.

Documents associated with the class: