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World History

Course Number:
American History 9 and American History 10
Grad Standard(s):
World History Survey, & Diverse Perspectives
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This survey course will examine the history of the world by studying ancient civilizations, incorporating map study and educational videos in a discussion-based format. Rather than examine each culture in a vacuum, we will relate each civilization’s experience to what was happening in the rest of the
world to gain a contextual understanding of the people. Focus will be on the seven Cradles of Civilization. See the attached syllabus for details.

Documents associated with the class:

Islam Powerpoint
Jihad-what is it
map-SW/central asia
Hebrews presentation-do not print-too long!
Constantine's Contributions to Christianity
Islam PowerPoint - printable
Hebrews PPt-printable
Why is there a Pope?
Why was Peter Pope?
Swiss Guard
Catholic Hierarchy
India/Aryans/Hinduism Powerpoint
India Map
India Map List
Hinduism Info Sheet
Hinduism & Its Connection w/Reincarnation
India Review-IRVC/Aryans/VedicAge/Hinduism
Hindu Creation Story
Buddhism Powerpoint
China-3 Schools of Thought PowerPoint
China Dynasties Comparative Chart
Greece-General Info
Greece-Language Development
Greece-Forms of gov't and Persian Wars PPT
Greek alphabet list
Greece-Peloponnesian War Notes
Greece-Pericles Notes
Alexander the Great Reading
Alexander the Great-Siege of Tyre
Rome-Map Work List
Rome-Legend of Romulus & Remus
Rome-Ch. 6, Sec. 1 guided reading worksheet
Rome-Republic to Empire Flow Chart
Rome-Punic Wars
Rome-Emperor Bios
Rome-Gladiator PPT
Rome-Gladiator Movie Characters
Rome-Gladiator Movie-The Real Story
Rome-Pompeii Ppt
Greek Philosophers Powerpoint