Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2010 Gallery Archive Two
Marshal Lagred
School: Benson High School
Graduation Year: 2011
Title: The Pot, Crafts
No Image Available I created an Acoma pot. I used a technique in which I used a puki pot I started with a slab of clay then I formed into the bottom of the puki pot. Next I used flat slabs about two inches wide and the diameter of the pot long. I pinched them together. The last slab was straight up to create the neck of the pot. For the finish of the pot I used an under glaze in three different colors white, cinnamon, and black. I used a traditional Acoma pottery pattern because I like the nature look of the Acoma pot. My inspiration for this pot was that I have seen these pots before and I really liked them and I thought to myself that would be cool to do myself so I did and it is more special to me because I made it myself and not somebody else.

Award: Excellent

Instructor: Amy Sather

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