Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2011 Gallery Archive Two
Jennifer Recker
School: Adrian High School
Graduation Year: 2012
Title: Skating Box, Crafts
My skating box is inspired by the skates I have. I put the details of the blade and stitching in my project. I wanted to make it as real as possible so I added a shoe lace to it. I am part of the Blue Mound Figure Skating Team so I added the logo to the inside of my box as well as the snowflake on the outside. I used blue colors to represent Blue Mound. The colors of the skate look like my real skate. I have been with the Blue Mound Figure Skating Team for eleven years so the use of my box will be to hold the medals I have earned throughout the years.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Chris Trombley

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