Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2011 Gallery Archive Two
Rachel Sather
School: Benson High School
Graduation Year: 2011
Title: Western Weave, Crafts
No Image Available This Spring i took a trip out to the Black Hills in South Dakota. I was inspired by the western scenes of Deadwood. I saw antelope, bison, rustic fences and grasslands.
My theme for this semester is nature. This project fits my theme by natural colors. I used natural materials like pheasant feathers and horse hair. I also used things that i thought had a western look to it like twine and raffia. The challenging part of this weaving was working with rough materials. The horse hair had to be soaked in water to soften it. The large twine was hard to weave with. The texture of this weaving is 3D and rough. I think this adds to the rustic look of the weaving.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Amy Sather

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