Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2004 Gallery Archive Two
Erin Hamman
School: Luverne High School
Graduation Year: 2004
Title: On the Farm, Crafts
On the Farm a. This project is a digital creation of part of my farm. b. This was also another assignment of mine. I had to go around my neighborhood and find important memorabilia that stands out. Since I live in the country it is quite hard to find something in particular. So I decided that I would stand on my windmill in the center of my yard and circle around the windmill and take a panoramic view of my yard. c. When my roll of film was completed I processed it and made a contact sheet. Then I made a 4x5 of each print. When all the prints were completed I trimmed them all down and then taped two to three together at a time to be scanned into the computer. By using Photo Elements I was able to create this masterpiece. Even though this is a photomontage of a contemporary farm, the sepia tone I used gives it a feeling of age and timelessness.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Chris Nowatzki

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