Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2014 Gallery Archive Two
Megan Westrum
School: Hills Beaver Creek High School
Graduation Year: 2014
Title: Teapot, Ceramics
The teapot is my clay creation. My idea of constructing this came from the thought of my grandmother because of her love for collecting teapots. I wanted this to be a gift that would remind her of me. To construct this, I used the slab method. In order to make the shape, I slumped two pieces of clay around paper-lined bowls. When the slabs became stiff enough, I could piece them together with slip and scoring. Eventually, the spout was added. My favorite element was sculpting the braided handle, which was the final step in the process. After the first glaze, I was not impressed when I experimented with the liquid amber-speckled glaze. Instead, I went over that color with a coat of glaze called blueberry. After the changes of glaze, in my eyes I saw much improvement in my teapot.

Award: Excellent

Instructor: Mary Petersen

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