Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2014 Gallery Archive Two
Tessa Klarenbeek
School: Hills Beaver Creek High School
Graduation Year: 2016
Title: The Wave, Ceramics
My inspiration on making this piece was from the love of the water at being by the ocean. With an upcoming Costa Rica trip and the excitment of that really inspired me to do something the reminds me of that! When making this bowl I used a coil extruder gun to make perfectly round coils. I then coiled each one into a sprial and locked them into eachother like puzzle pieces. To form the overall shape of the bowl I used another plastic bowl to help give it its shape and help support it when making it. I smoothed the coils of the bowl with a soft wet brush to make them smoother and help bring out the smoothness of the ocean. It also helped with holding the whole bowl itself together. The color of the bowl was an obvious choice, so I did a light blue to show the crystal clear ocean water.

Award: Excellent

Instructor: Mary Petersen

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