Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2014 Gallery Archive Two
Ali Siverhus
School: MACCRAY High School
Graduation Year: 2015
Title: 1st Impressions, 2D Mixed Media/Collage
No Image Available This is a monochromatic self portrait I created by using masking tape that I painted over with acrylics. I painted strips of tape various shades of purple. I ripped each painted strip into many pieces and carefully stuck them on the paper to create my likeness. I used dark purples and light purples to create dimension within my image. I was inspired to do the portrait in all purple because purple is my favorite color. It represents fantasy, mystery, and imagination. My collage is a depiction of how people view others. You do not see the inner qualities in people right away because they are concerned with the outer qualities. To represent this, I drew a bold face and a faded face. The bold face represents those physical qualities that a person sees right away. The faded face represents the inner qualities a person sees once they get to know them. This was a very time consuming piece of artwork, but it is by far my favorite and I am more than happy with the way it turned out.

Award: Excellent

Instructor: LeAnn Atchison

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