Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2005 Gallery Archive Two
Adam Haas
School: Canby High School
Graduation Year: 2005
Title: Forgotten Past, Crafts
This project, "Forgotten Past" is a picture of a children's shoe sitting on a window sill. The photo was taken in Gary S.D., in an old abandoned blind school. It was a stroke of luck to find this shoe just sitting there. When I was developing this photograph I had to burn in all the area inside the window and the top left corner because they both were just to lite. The picture was developed at about 13 seconds, the window was burned in for about 6 seconds more, ad the top left corner was burned in about 3 1/2 seconds. In this photo I like the wood grain the most. It's texture really gives the photo that aged look. I really don't have a source for my ideas. I just take pictures of things that really unusual and interesting.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Evey Anderson

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