Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2005 Gallery Archive Two
Kayla DeBoer
School: Luverne High School
Graduation Year: 2005
Title: Shannon, Crafts
This picture has alternating tones which draw your attention toward the middle of the composition. The leading lines created by the edges of the arms and the vertical edges of the tree trunks create stability and power. This sense of "firmness" ties in with the mood of crabbiness that I feel from the girl in the tree. It carries with it a sense of determination and stubborness that crabby people often exhibit. I think the texture of the tree bark and the dark tones also lend to a stoic feeling from both the girl and the trees. This photograph has good contrast in its overall tonal range and does a good job of drawing the viewer's eye directly to the subject matter. Being the older sister to the subject always lends a hand to interpretting her mood!

Award: Excellent

Instructor: Chris Nowatzki

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