Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2007 Gallery Archive Two
Matt Altman
School: Adrian High School
Graduation Year: 2007
Title: Snowman's Whistle, Crafts
I was given the assignment to make a whistle out of clay. I received instructions and I began crafting the whistle. I tend to get my projects done before my deadlines and my whistle was no exception. I was halted when I could not get my whistle to operate properly. I was very frustrated and I thought of a cold winter wind whistling by a frozen snowman and I felt the same way as the mechanics of my snowman was not working and my progress was frozen. I eventually got my whistle to work by adjusting the angle of the wind-splitting mechanism. When I was thinking of what to make out of my whistle I was reminded of the snowman I had thought about when I was making the whistle. That inspired me to make a snowman and use the whistle as the head of my snowman. I really enjoyed making my snowman and I now clearly understand the mechanics of a whistle and I also clearly understand how to take a vision in my mind and turn it in to a highly valued piece of art. I am glad to present you with my work and thoughts. Matt Altman

Award: Excellent

Instructor: Christine Tromblay

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