Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2004 Gallery Archive Two
Kayla Greenway
School: Canby High SChool
Graduation Year: 2004
Title: Open Doors, Crafts
Earlier this spring i took this photo at the abandoned Blind School in Gary, SD. It caught my eye because of the light coming through the window. I liked the idea of the half open door. When you look through the half open door it's like your going into an untold story of the Blind School. I have a 35 mm zoom Olympus camera. This photo is a purist; It is exactly as the negative shows it. I have been interested in photography for 7 years. My older brother, a professional photographer,who works for the Yankee and Nat'l Geographic Magazines, has influenced me the most in my interest in photography.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Evey Anderson

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