Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2009 Gallery Archive Two
Diana Hanson
School: Luverne High School
Graduation Year: 2009
Title: Sleipnir, Crafts
This piece was inspired by my ancestry. The horse drawn in the middle of the plate is called a 'Sleipnir.' A sleipnir is an eight-legged horse of the Norse mythology and is also the name of the ship my ancestors first came to America on. To my family, the sleipnir is a symbol of our proud heritage. I drew the sleipnir on the plate and traced it with glaze then coated the first layer of glaze with the wax resist, giving it the halo effect. Then I glazed the entire piece then the outer rim. The contrast of colors works well between the sleipnir and the rim, giving the piece balance.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Chris Nowatzki

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